Frequently Asked Questions

I want to junk my vehicle. What will you take?
We will buy any junk car, truck, van, wagon, SUV, commercial vehicle, bus, tractor, farm equipment, etc. We can only pick up RVs (motorhomes, travel trailers, etc) if they have a metal exterior and have the interior gutted (furniture, cabinetry, and interior walls removed). We do not pick up boats.

Does it have to run? 

Can it be wrecked or have parts missing?
Yes, any condition will do. Please let us know about any missing parts, as this can affect the value of your vehicle. If you don't mention missing parts, we will assume that you have a complete car.

Does it need to have current Georgia registration, tag, and emission? 

Do I need to have a title?
Maybe. It depends on the year of the car.

What if I don't have a title?
If a title is NOT required to purchase your vehicle, then the sale will be completed with a Bill of Sale only. If a title IS required for us to pick up your vehicle, then you must obtain a replacement title from the tag office in your county. Check the 
Georgia Dept of Revenue website for more information on what paperwork is required to get a replacement title. The county will mail your new title in about two weeks. If you have to sell the vehicle ASAP, the only way to obtain a replacement title on-the-spot is to go to the State Tag Office off of Camp Creek Parkway. They will charge an expedite fee of $10.

What if I've pawned my title?
 It is a crime to sell a vehicle with a lien on it without satisfying that lien. What does this mean? It means that you can not pawn the title of your car, then sell the car. That's illegal and the pawn company can have you arrested for disposition of a vehicle that is held as collateral on a loan. The buyer can also have you arrested for theft by deception. If you still owe money on a car to a title pawn company, bank or car dealer, then you can not legally sell the car. That includes junking the vehicle. Selling a car for junk is still selling a car. If you have paid off the loan, but lost the title, call us. If you've asked the title pawn company to pick up the car and they refused, call us. We are able to purchase cars without a title, but will check the VIN of any car that we purchase without a title for liens.

What if it's not my car?
You MUST own the car and be able to prove ownership for us to purchase it. If you borrowed someone's car, you do not own it. If someone left a car in your yard, you do not own it. If your neighbor moved away and left a car in their yard, you do not own it. If that neighbor says, "You can have my old car," then they should give you a title so that you can prove ownership. If grandma gives you her old car, she can also give you the title. An insurance card is not proof of ownership. A bill of sale hand-written on a napkin is not proof of ownership. If you don't have a title, we will check to see if you are the registered owner. If you sell us a car that you do not own, is stolen or has a lien on the title, we will take a warrant out for you and the police WILL arrest you. If you try to register a car or pawn the title of a car that you've already sold to us, the police WILL arrest you. We do not buy stolen cars or cars with questionable ownership. Period. Don't waste our time.

What else is required?
You must provide a valid driver's license or state issued picture ID in order to verify your identity. We accept no other forms of identification. Additionally, we may take digital photos of you and your car to aid any future police investigation.

Is there any hidden cost to me? 
No, we take care of towing the car away and give you cash at that time. There is no cost to you at all. Some people are confused when we give a dollar amount over the phone. The dollar amount that we quote over the phone is the amount that WE PAY YOU. You pay NOTHING. We are actually buying your car. We get the car. You get the cash. WARNING: We're seeing deceptive websites that offer checks or a vacation for your car. We pay you in CASH. We will not ask you to accept a check that might bounce the minute your car is taken away. We will not offer you a vacation where you will be subjected to a high pressure sales pitch in a run down hotel an hour away from a beach in a month when the temperature doesn't go above 40*. Cash...plain and simple!

What about getting a tax donation?
We are not a charity and you will not receive a tax deduction for your car. If you really want to donate your car to a charitable organization, we encourage you to do so. However, most of our customers are more interested in getting the most money for their car rather than a tax deduction. We put cash in your hands today. Don't like our offer? Do the math. If you donate your car to a charity, they will sell your car in a dealer/salvage auction. If it only brings $100 (junk cars seldom bring much more at salvage auctions), then you get a TAX DEDUCTION for $100. That's not the same thing as getting $100 in your pocket. If you're in a low tax bracket, you may not see a single penny back from the tax deduction. If you're in a high tax bracket, you'll only get about $40 back at tax time. Even if your car sells for $1000 at auction, you may still not see a penny at tax time (depending on your tax situation). Want to put a red flag on your tax return and make an IRS audit more likely? The IRS has been watching people who donate cars to get tax deductions for years and has tightened up the rules regarding such deductions. In most cases, you're required to get proof of what the car sold for at auction to get the deduction. This can be a long process--30 days or more from when your car is picked up to when you find out what it sold for. Can't get proof of the auction sale from the charity? Tough luck. Lost the verification of the sale? You may lose the deduction altogether. Don't like what your car sold for at the auction? Too bad...it's already been sold. Even if you're an accountant and can figure out the tax ramifications, there's no way to know how big the deduction will be until after the car sells at auction and you're doing your taxes next year. Gone are the days of donating a heap of junk and getting a huge tax deduction by saying it was worth $5000. Under the new tax laws, our cash offer will almost always put more money in your pocket than the tax deduction. Do the math! Get cash in your hands today--not the promise of a tax deduction that might not put anything in your pocket next year.

Can you explain the whole process to me? 
We get this question on the phone quite often. People are always amazed at our answer. "We show up, do five minutes of paperwork, give you money, and take the car away." Yes, that really is the whole process. Yes, it really is that simple.
Where do you operate? We pick up vehicles in the metro Atlanta and north Macon areas. We operate in Cumming, Suwanee, Snellville, Covington, Locust Grove, Zebulon, Grantville, Villa Rica, Acworth, Woodstock, and every metro Atlanta city in between.

Are you open nights and on weekends? 
Yes, we are.

I loved your prompt, professional, courteous service! Where can I leave feedback?
Over the years customers have often asked where they can leave feedback for a job well done. We added a Facebook page specifically to give customers a place to share their experiences. Just click the Like button below, then click 
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 to go to our Facebook page and post your feedback. Thanks for your business! We appreciate our customers!